The World Rubber Week is an umbrella platform which comprises a series of targeted events and activities addressing the different elements of the value chain of the rubber industry which when aggregated, creates a powerful magnet for industry leaders and stakeholders to come together to discuss new ideas, forge new collaborations and view the latest products and solutions.


The World Rubber Summit is the key event of "World Rubber Week". The conference programme is designed to address broader, strategic policy led issues which impact the rubber industry, and will examine how leaders of the global rubber industry are adjusting to the rapidly changing world economy and new global paradigms which will inadvertently have an impact on the industry. 

With thought-provoking Keynote topics, targeted panel discussions led by industry leaders and experts, the 
Summit aims to provide key insights and valuable takeaways on the outlook and opportunities in the industry’s various market segments. 

Led by China and India, Asia’s robust economic growth bolstered the demand for natural rubber as a critical raw material in the last decade. Prices of natural rubber have shown volatility over this period. Moving forward, as supply and demand dynamics continue to evolve robustly, the market is expected to witness similar pricing challenges. 

To be delivered by experienced practitioners from the industry, the Rubber Exchange Forum is held under the umbrella of World Rubber Week. It aims to deepen the understanding of rubber futures trading, promote price transparency and strengthen the global pricing benchmark within the broader futures trading community. Expected attendees include participants from natural rubber producers and processors, consumers, trading companies, and financial institutions. 

Asia is undeniably an important region for the global tyre market, with emerging economies such as China, India, Thailand and Vietnam expected to boost demand especially for the automotive tyre. At the same time, the tyre markets around the world rely on Asia’s participation to keep the industry competitive, buoyant and successful. With its strategic location at the crossroads of the tyre market in the region, Tyrexpo Asia plays a crucial role in the future of the tyre trade in Asia.

In its 12th edition, Tyrexpo Asia will bring about close to 5,000 industry players from around Asia Pacific to congregate in Asia’s leading platform for Tyres, Tyre Repair Equipment, Tools and Tyre Accessories, to showcase the latest technology and equipment, discuss best practices and solutions to drive operational efficiencies and profits for businesses.

Neighbouring Tyrexpo Asia, is the 2nd edition of GarageXpo Asia which will bring the automotive aftermarket communities in Asia to showcase the latest automotive repair and maintenance equipment, technology, trends and challenges ahead.

Tyrexpo Asia is an event part of the Tyrexpo Series exhibitions held in various parts of the world - Singapore, India (Chennai and New Delhi), and South Africa, to help drive the industry forward and seize growth opportunities.